Circular Curation

“FPXII Certified” is a curatorial standard that we use to guide us in product and partnership selection. We are an ever-evolving, environmentally conscious and progressive brand. We are excited to promote products that move the market towards regenerative systems for people and the planet. We aspire to create an ecosystem of brands and products that work toward a circular economy. This is the “FPXII” difference from most major consumer good retailers.

Conscious Curation

We are a team of environmental activists, media and branding experts. We created a marketplace that make switching to a sustainable lifestyle more pleasurable and understandable. We’ve spent hours comparing products in our personal lives and from the market, and wanted to make it easier to find the best sustainable prodcuts out there.

As conscious consumers, we care where and how our products are made. We also understand there are a range of customer values and we've created a system that makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Maybe you care about carbon footprints, while your friend is interested in vegan products.

Future Prosperity is committed to
addressing the Plastic Crisis.

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Moving toward Circularity

FPXII Certification Origins


We all want to do our part in taking care of the planet, but it can be time consuming and overwhelming. Future Prosperity is committed to vetting businesses and partners whose ethos is in alignment with our mission.

The Zero Waste Movement and Circular Economy conversation are all theoretical practices being implemented incrementally. Both systems look at production and end of life of products holistically. While very few products are entirely part of a circular system under the Cradle to Cradle Certification, we wanted to create a consumer facing platform to help move the market towards circularity. We believe that consumers will demand regenerative products if they know these options are possible. This is why we are excited about both products and conversations to get us there.

While shame and perfectionism are both barriers to progress in the sustainability landscape, we are committed to transparency and honest dialogue. We understand it's a work in progress, it is for us too. We’ll likely have our own set of mistakes to learn from in our infancy, but we’re committed to integrity and transparency as we grow.

FPXII Certified Criteria


Shared Mission

Our mission is to promote harmony between planet and people, and we partner with brands that do the same. Sustainability and regeneration must be a part of a partner’s core mission. Future Prosperity only partners with brands that we believe in and do not accept payment to sell products without disclosure to our customers.



Circular economies and ethical products across their entire supply chain are limited. We wish to work with brands who are willing to disclose their shortcomings and are open to making improvements that fit our guidelines.


Inclusive Business Practices

Brands that are inclusive in all areas, from diversity on social media channels to t-shirt size ranges. We want our products and content to be as inclusive as possible for every race, religion, age, gender, and body type.


Low Waste

We look specifically for products that are low waste and have regenerative lifestyles, meaning they can be absorbed back into the planet or our recycling system. We prioritize products that are plastic and petrochemical free. The only time we use plastics is if there is no plastic alternative on the market.



We choose products that are minimalist, unisex and timeless in their design aesthetic. We want you to invest in products that you will love for a long time and not subject to trends.


Labor Practices

We believe that a product has to be regenerative from its inception. It is important that employees are paid fair wages and have a safe and healthy workplace.


Ethically Sourced Ingredients & Materials

Ingredients should also be ethically-sourced, meaning all ingredients are obtained through responsible and sustainable methods. We trust our vendors to be transparent about their sourcing.


Non-Toxic Ingredients

Products must contain clean and non-toxic ingredients.



Cruelty Free & Vegan

'Cruelty-free' refers to products that are not tested on animals, and 'vegan' refers to products that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. If a product is not vegan we will disclose that on our product pages.


Packaging Standards

Packaging should be compostable or recyclable, with limited excess materials. We work with brands that want to solve the consumption problem, and design products with the end of life in mind.


Company Culture

We value businesses who value their employees. Quality of life is a priority at our company and we are passionate about partnering with brands and products who share this ethos.


Carbon Footprint

Carbon is one of the first areas we began exploring as we developed this certification. Our shipping is all carbon neutral and we are exploring behind the scenes with Carbon Calories to begin to understand how to give products a carbon label.  

Circular Futures

We are constantly learning and developing as a company and corporate citizen.

We are always looking for ways to better ourselves and find ways to better take care of the planet.

Legal Disclaimers

The Company reserves the right to frequently update and/or modify any and all information and terms and conditions associated with the FPXII Certification program. Any such updates or modifications shall be deemed immediately effective as of the date of posting to the Company’s website. The Company encourages its consumers to provide ongoing feedback in connection with the Company’s evolving brand and efforts to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, including identifying inconsistencies or improvements to the Company’s certification thresholds and metrics. Please contact legal@fpxii.com with any questions or to request additional information. The Company appreciates the support of its consumers and aims to continually strengthen and improve its certification standards.

FPXII Certification” is not intended to be a designation associated with any governing entity or regulatory authority. FPXII Certification is merely an expression of opinion by FPXII LLC (the “Company”) based on a number of generally available economic, political, health, marketing and cultural information.  Although the Company is striving toward becoming a trusted advisor with respect to environmentally conscious brands and initiatives, the Company makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in connection with any sponsored products or services. The foregoing includes any statements pertaining to the safety of ingredients and adherence to packaging standards associated with any products or services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company supports brands, products and services that value honesty and transparency. The Company relies on the transparency, guarantees and representations and warranties of its vendors and partners to provide products and services of the utmost integrity. While the Company’s mission is to afford consumers the ability to leverage the Company’s platform to connect with socially and environmentally conscious brands, the Company encourages consumers to also conduct their own due diligence prior to making any decisions.