Say Less Studio

Brand Designers
Cheyenne Jacobs & Randi Bellamy
Say Less Design Studio is a Philadelphia based design studio, here to fulfill all of your creative, innovative, original design needs. The Studio is composed of two friends, Cheyenne Jacobs and Randi Bellamy, who met in College, bonded in inspiration, and thus blossomed into partners. The two formed Say Less Design Studio in September 2019. Together, they combine their backgrounds in design, illustration, and photography to create lasting impressions, both tactile and digital.

Marvell Lehans

Art Director, Logo Designer

Marvell Lahens is a designer living and working in Oakland, CA.  He is an Art Director at Airbnb and founded of Masion Ogé.


Cibelle Levi

Portrait Photographer

Cibelle is a celebrity photographer living and working in LA.  Her clients include Nike, Netflix, Balmain, Dior and More.

Aaron Cameron Muntz

Product Photgrpaher Aaron is a product photographer living and working in NYC.  His client include L'Oreal, Esquire, Mercedes-Benz USA, Proenza Schouler as a select few.